Photography, for me, coincides with the word legacy. When you choose to commit your life to one another, you are saying "yes" to so many things-and creating a story that will reach into generations to come. My goal will forever be to celebrate that commitment; to capture memories not only from your engagement and wedding day, but for all of the love that will come after as well. Dogs, babies, and wrinkles may be added throughout the years, and I am so honored you are allowing me to capture all of your life-the messy, the real, and the beautiful.

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Rebecca and I have been best friends for over 16 years, and we work almost every single wedding day together. This provides a consistency that cannot be matched. Plus, her dance moves are legendary.

Abigail & Rebecca

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I began my career in photography over eleven years ago, and I can say with utter certainty it still brings me immeasurable joy so many years later.

The experience I have cultivated behind the camera lends itself to a technically consistent portfolio of work, but it has also taught me to expect the unexpected-for that is where the magic happens.

I am going to be your biggest advocate throughout the entire process of your wedding day. Watch out, we will be friends.

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